KISS SSG: A really simple static site generator.

Nikhil Jha | | 1 minute read

I was recently trying to make a static website. Every existing static site generator that I found wanted to force me to make a blog. I didn’t want to make a blog, I just wanted to write markdown and have it turn into a website. (Almost like writing HTML by hand, except I get to write markdown instead.)

The K.I.S.S. Principle

Keep it simple, stupid.

I didn’t need a whole lot from the project, and definitely didn’t want to pull in Hugo or Jekyll or something else huge and too domain specific.

The Solution

Pandoc can turn markdown into html. Bash can automate it. Simple!

set -e

rm -fr build
cp -r src build

cd build
for file in $(find . -iname '*.md'); do
	pandoc $file -o $(echo $file | sed 's/\.[^.]*$//').html -c /pandoc.css -s
	rm $file;

Just write your own CSS, put it in the root of your source directory, and run the script. You can see an example website at laptop friends.