Hi, I'm Nikhil!

... and I'm interested in Distributed Computing, Statistics, Security, Hardware, and privacy-first technology.

Yes, that is a lot, but the fields are close enough that I can work on projects that incorporate all of the above.

For the last decade, computers have expanded into every aspect of our lives. Many of us find it difficult to spend even a single hour without using a glowing rectangle of some kind. But although the world is getting more efficient, this comes at the expense of privacy- a basic human right. Now, we must make technology into something that respects us.

To this end, I'm...

  • providing people with the tools and resources they need to improve things, with work on the Open Computing Facility for UC Berkeley students, and making contributions to open source software
  • making projects of my own, like operating systems for Linux on Phones, and privacy-focused ways to send files to each other
  • assembling a community of people who share the same goals

... and working various side projects that interest me.

I'm currently studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley, and playing Minecraft, making memes, and chatting with friends in my spare time.

Talk to me

I prefer communication over email- you can reach me at "mail at this website dot com". I'm always happy to talk about new opportunities or shared interests. If you'd rather not use email, I'm also accessible via Twitter.