OCF Kubernetes Cluster

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ArgoCD Kubernetes Dashboard

~fydai and I are upgrading the Puppet / Debian / VM based infrastructure at the Berkeley Open Computing Facility to Kubernetes! After evaluating hundreds of "cloud-native" technologies, we finally settled on a tech stack that has been simple and low-maintainance. A cluster operator keeps track of how the representation in Git is different from the real cluster, and periodically converges the two.

I can help your company do this too: contact me.

Fedora for PinePhone

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Someone really wanted to run Fedora on their PinePhone. I also use Fedora, so I began laying the groundwork to get Fedora to run on the PinePhone. Currently, calls, mobile data, and texts all work, so it's usable if you can look past the bugs. I'm currently working with Peter Robinson and Torbuntu to get everything officially into Fedora. If you'd like to help out, see the Wiki link above for contribution information.


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turning off light with phone

See the website for more information. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a massive developing category with a lot of potential applications. Unfortunately, many IoT implementations today rely on a centralized server to stay operational. This is bad because when the company that makes the device goes bankrupt, or just decides they want to end service for you, you're out of luck. Ethyl combines the two, taking advantage of HomeAssistant to provide stable, permanent support for many IoT devices.

Portola App


My high school doesn't have bells! As a result, people end up scrambling to class much later than they probably should. Making things worse, every day has a different schedule. We can never quite remember what time class starts.

Meet Portola App! (very inspired name, I know) It tells you how much time you have until your next class starts, as well as when Lunch or Break ends! There are also some convenience features, such as a Virtual ID Card (to check out books from the library), a built in copy of the school newspaper, sports scores, and more! The goal is to make life on campus as easy as possible for everyone, and to create a "maker/hacker" type community at my high school.



Decentralized websites and applications shouldn’t have to rely on usernames and passwords. People forget them and reuse easy to guess passwords across sites, making them insecure. A password manager alleviates some of these problems, but it's difficult to convince people to use them.

Meet NEMid, a password-free way to sign in. Using public key cryptography, NEMid can sign you into compatible websites and apps with just a button press. No pesky usernames or passwords required!