A non-exhaustive list of my projects.

!! Right now most of the projects listed are mobile projects, which I have only been getting into very recently. A large majority of my older projects aren't here yet - but if you're interested you can always check out my GitLab and GitHub pages.


Portola App (Git)

My high school doesn't have bells! Well, that's not entirely true. The bells do exist, but are never used. As a result, people end up scrambling to class much later than they probably should. This is exacerbated by the fact that every day has a different schedule, so we can never quite remember what time class starts.

Meet Portola App! (very inspired name, I know) It tells you the time you have until your next class starts, as well as when Lunch or Break ends! There are also some convenience features, such as a Virtual ID Card (to check out books from the library), a built in copy of the school newspaper, sports scores, and more! The goals are to make life on campus as easy as possible for everyone, and secondarily to create a "maker/hacker" type community at my high school.

Lobsters App (Git)

From Lobsters is a computing-focused community centered around link aggregation and discussion, launched on July 1st, 2012. The administrator is Peter Bhat Harkins ("pushcx"), contact him with any support issues. Lobsters was created by joshua stein with some specific design goals in mind to avoid problems faced by other link aggregation sites. (more).

It didn't have an app (unlike the other link aggregation sites), so I made one.

Gradebook (Git)

My first foray into Android development. The code is an absolute mess, and due to API changes it no longer works. Nowadays I use Flutter to make cross platform apps.


Ethyl (Website)

See the website for more information. Basically, it's a human-friendly version of ioNEM. The name is somewhat bad, I know. Currently coming up with a better one...

ioNEM (Post)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a massive developing category with a lot of potential applications. Unfortunately, many IoT implementations today rely on a centralized server to stay operational. Alongside the IoT movement, we have the blockchain movement, which provides distributed, secure computer systems to use. Let's combine the two categories into one using our very own NEM blockchain!

NEMid (Post)

Decentralized websites and applications shouldn’t have to rely on the outworn authentication system of usernames and passwords. In order to sign in, one has to remember their passwords for each service. Even when using a password manager, passwords are still susceptible to being stolen through a website hack.

Meet NEMid, a secure way to sign in for the modern era. Using secure public key cryptography, NEMid can sign you into compatible websites and apps with only a NEM account through a standalone application.

Changelly for NanoWallet (Post)

Just a small change to the NEM Blockchain wallet that has it's own blog post attached to it.


I have a bunch of smaller projects that do various things. Most of them are not maintained, but I'm always glad to recieve a PR if you do end up using one.