Nikhil Jha | | 1 minute read

To whom it may concern,

I am pleased to inform you that I am currently making spontaneous vibrations that can travel through the air (or another medium) and can be heard when they reach a person's or animal's ear. Not only that, but I am doing this in conjunction with changing physical locations of the face and body in an effort to convey feeling. Sometimes this is done out of the feeling that a person or a thing is beneath consideration, worthless, or deserving scorn or derision without concealment, deception, or prevarication. I am feeling great pleasure in the fact that I can tell you that this is not the case. These spontaneous vibrations and changing of physical locations of the face and body are a show of recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of something and not of scorn or derision.

I hope you will have a good day.

Thank you.